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Football Manager 2015 Features(FM2015特色)

Redesigned User Interface(重新设计的用户界面)
The interface for Football Manager has been completely redesigned and features a new responsive sidebar, making some of the previously hidden areas of the game available in just a few clicks.

Player Promises Page(球员承诺)
You can easily view all the promises you've made to your players, fellow managers or the board in the brand new promises page. Now there's no excuse for forgetting you promised to give that kid a run in the first team!

Managerial Style(管理风格)
When you start a new game you'll now have the option to choose what style of manager you want to be. Whether you'll be a tracksuit manager on the training ground or a more distant tactical manager. You can also set your mental and coaching attributes as well as what coaching badges you hold.

Coaching Badges(教练标志/象征
As a manager you can now take time out to train for your coaches badges. These will increase your coaching and mental attributes allowing you to get the most of your players and ensuring you have the respect of the players, fans and owners. However choose when to take your badges wisely since dividing your time could have a negative influence on your team.

Most significant improvements to the 3D Match Engine since FM2009(自FM2009之后,最显著的一次3D比赛引擎改善)
The Football Manager 2015 Match Engine has been given its biggest overhaul since FM2009 with new new cutting edge motion capture data enabling the game to accurately reflect real player movements. There have also been improvements to the stadiums and weather in FM2015, players will look wetter when its raining and more reflective in the sun, while stadiums will feature team specific colours and banners.

Touchline Team Talks in FM2015(球场边及时交谈)
FM2015 introduces Touchline Team Talks which allow you to talk to your squad during the game, you can shout encouragement or abuse at the entire team, or specific individuals, just as you would during pre match, half time or full time team talks.

New default tactics and improved tactics from AI managers(新的默认策略,并且改进AI策略)
There are more default tactics than ever, so you'll never be short of a tactic to choose from and the AI will be more varied in the tactics they put out against your side. AI managers will now utilise their tactics more effectively than before, including incorporating player roles more intelligently into their tactics, and they’ll also have preferred roles that they’ll integrate into their tactics system.

Four new player roles(四个新的角色球员,详细介绍可点我查看
Football Manager 2015 sees the introduction of four new player roles a Roaming Playmaker, who splits his duties between both a Deeplying Playmaker and an Advanced Playmaker. The second new role is a Raumdeuter, who is a sort of wide poacher, who stays out wide during the build up play before entering the mix late on in an attack. The third role is an Inverted Wingback who will tend to drift inside alot more than a regular wingback. Finally there is the new Wide Playmaker role suitable for wide men who want to drift inside more than a conventional winger.
FM15引进了4个新的球员角色,Roaming Playmaker,他的职责介于Deeplying Playmaker 和 Advanced Playmaker之间。 Raumdeuter,类似于在边路的poacher,会在边路活动,在进攻中不会过早进入小禁区。 Inverted Wingback,相比wingback,更倾向于内切。wide playmaker,相对于传统的边翼球员,更倾向于向内陆活动。)

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